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Teacher Turned Dog Trainer

Own a happy, well-mannered dog with reliable obedience

Dog Training Dog Trainer Obedience The Dalles Hood River White Salmon Bingen
Dog Training Dog Trainer Obedience The Dalles Hood River White Salmon Bingen
Hello, my name is Mark and my mission is to help you spend less time in conflict and more time in connection so you can better enjoy living with your dog. 

I spent over a decade teaching thousands of students as a public educator before combining my love of teaching people with my love of training dogs. After leaving public education, I knew I needed to focus my efforts on professional development so I sought mentorship and coaching from world-class trainer Catherine Smith (owner of The Lab Doctor). To this day I'm learning and growing under her guidance. 

I love training all dogs, but I specialize in high-drive dogs. These are dogs that are typically smart, energetic, and food/toy motivated. As a result of these characteristics, they are also the same dogs that are prone to other undesirable behaviors such as jumping, barking, leash pulling, ignoring known commands around distraction, and other pushy behaviors.

Management Manners • Play • Obedience

My Training Approach

My training system consists of breaking training into four categories: management, manners, play, and obedience. I believe each of these categories are distinct and essential to building a strong foundation with your dog.

In my training, the dog's emotional wellbeing takes precedence. Before teaching them anything, I prioritize earning their trust and respect through playful interactions and food incentives. My focus lies in rewarding and encouraging desired behaviors and establishing a strong relationship with the dog through play. Only after this foundation is in place do I introduce consequences for noncompliance. I also understand the importance of using a firm "no" in certain situations. This is particularly relevant when a dog's actions could pose risks to their safety, others' well-being, or property. By setting clear boundaries and redirecting their behavior appropriately, we can effectively communicate acceptable behavior. 


My approach consistently produces happy, well-mannered dogs, with reliable obedience. 

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