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Connect K9 Training

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Dog Training Services
I have a variety of services to meet your individual needs

Remote Training


On-site Training


Board and Train


Unsure of which service is best for you? Schedule a free consultation and find out.


"Mark gave us solutions that worked."

- Karen Ash

"If you work with it just a little each day, 5 minutes, 10 minutes throughout the day then he is willing to do the things we demand."

-Dean Ash
"Mark always listened to my priorities and focused on what I wanted to get out of training. I feel completely confident that I can handle any situation that arises now that I have better tools."

-Celia Hanley
"My golden retriever Kody has always been a handful and I was constantly yelling at him for one thing or another.  Every chance he got, he would bolt. He would not kennel, pulled on the leash, jumped on the furniture, and would not recall. I'm so lucky Connect K9 Training was able to help us."

-Cherri Crafton
"I can’t believe how much Mark was able to accomplish with Del in two weeks! He went from have NO commands (not even his name) to knowing his name, sit, wait, come and more. I’m able to communicate with my dog!"

-Toril Milbrath
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