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Connect K9 Training

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On-site Training
Receive in-person instruction where I demonstrate and coach you towards your goals


You and your dog visit my facility

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We train for 60 minutes 



I provide support for any of the training covered in the sesion

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On-site training might be right for you if . . .

  • You learn best in person

  • You're looking to be more involved in building your dog's foundation

  • You're looking to improve your dog's:

    • Crate training

    • Recall

    • Sit

    • Heel

    • Greetings (no jumping, barking, pawing, etc.)

    • Leash manners

    • Door manners

    • Impulse control

    • And more!

  • You're open to learning a fun, sustainable way to to meet your dog's physical and mental needs

What goes on during an on-site training session?

On-site training sessions consist of addressing the most pressing behavioral issues while also taking time to build skills for a strong foundation moving forward. Additionally, you're also able to reach out if you have any questions regarding anything we covered during the session. I also assign homework where I ask you to send me videos of your work so I can ensure you're headed in the right direction.

How many privates do I need?

It depends on what your goals are. In my experience I find that one session per week for the first month provides significant results. From that point, we will gauge where we are at and you can schedule as needed from there.

What's included in an on-site training session?

  • Real time demonstrations of the techniques and timing with your dog

  • In-person teaching and guidance to ensure you're successful in your technique and timing

  • On-site equipment and training recommendations tailored to your dog's individual needs

  • Follow-up support for any of the training covered during the session

Unsure of which service is best for you? Schedule a free consultation and find out.


"Mark gave us solutions that worked."

- Karen Ash

"If you work with it just a little each day, 5 minutes, 10 minutes throughout the day then he is willing to do the things we demand."

-Dean Ash
"Mark always listened to my priorities and focused on what I wanted to get out of training. I feel completely confident that I can handle any situation that arises now that I have better tools."

-Celia Hanley
"My golden retriever Kody has always been a handful and I was constantly yelling at him for one thing or another.  Every chance he got, he would bolt. He would not kennel, pulled on the leash, jumped on the furniture, and would not recall. I'm so lucky Connect K9 Training was able to help us."

-Cherri Crafton
"I can’t believe how much Mark was able to accomplish with Del in two weeks! He went from have NO commands (not even his name) to knowing his name, sit, wait, come and more. I’m able to communicate with my dog!"

-Toril Milbrath
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